Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BIG changes in ministry

Big changes.

We are excited to share some big changes with you! We are nervous, excited, fearful, but we know these are all in God’s plan and with that we can rest easy. So we want to share with you our stories, each in our own words

Here is my story:

For years now, Ive always known children would be a big part of my life. In this ministry, children are a huge part of my life! We are closer and closer to completing construction on the Women and Children Center and excitement is almost too much to contain!
But there is something bigger I want to share with you. For quite some time now, the Lord has been working on me. He has been working with my leadership role of Finding Hope, my future in Honduras and what life looks like as a 27 year old single missionary woman.

It’s not been easy. Every day brings its own struggles. I do know however, I am where I am meant to be and every single day is worth it.

So, as this ministry grows, as I grow and realize my place in this world, who I am is becoming more. Its not about me. I have so much love and I feel called to share that love with others. With those who have no one to love them. With that being said, IM GOING TO BE A FOSTER MOMMY!!!

I began the process in February (application and requirements) and found out yesterday that I was accepted!

Yes, I know, its going to be hard. Its the first thing people tell me. Foster care is all about loving a child that might leave. But Im called to do so. Im called to bear the pain of loving a child for the time they are in my arms and forever keeping them in my heart. 

For those of you who are foster mommys, I need you! I need your support! Your words, your advice and most of all your prayers. Pray for the little ones who will be in my care and pray for their little tiny hearts! 

As of June 1, I will begin accepting girls! I will accept one at a time ages 0-4. In Honduras, the foster care system does not help financially with the children. Therefore, I need you to pray for diapers, formula, medicine, doctors visits, and everything else an infant/child needs! The Lord is good, and He provides!

Lastly, I want to share exciting news from Haille! As of August of last year Haille has been studying to become a CNA in Honduras. She has LOVED it! So much so that she wants to continue in her studies and begin studying Medicine in a university in Ceiba. She will have 8 years of schooling - 1 year in Ceiba, 6 years in San Pedro Sula, and 1 year of residency. Please follow her blog to read more about her decision!

As of June, Haille will move on with her studies and at the same time I will accept my first child. These are BIG ministry changes which means we need BIG prayers. 

If you like to find out other ways you can help, please message me privately or send an email to

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